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I am a Computer Science engineering graduate and a postgraduate in Master of Finance & Control(MFC) from Delhi University. Though I have only studied technical subjects till now, my heart lies in the creatives. After a longish foray into banking, I am currently studying Master of Public Administration at Cornell University, USA.

I’m a Bengali raised in Bhopal.

I post sporadically and with no fixed pattern. My finance related posts are borne out of my own experience in stock markets(2004 till date). As for non-finance I have a liking for humour with a focus on the simpler aspects of life though every now and then I might post a personally researched article related to politics or economics.


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  1. Hey Abhinav,

    Just read your post “Cycling Diaries: Surat” and I couldn’t stop but notice you have a FF RoadPro 2200. Would you please be kind enough to walk us thru the user reviews and your experiences riding your roadie?

    I am an avid cyclist from Bangalore and I have a B’twin RR5.2 in my stable.


    • Abhinav Choudhry said:

      Sure, Pawan. Will write a post with some of my new experiences and with some more on the 2200 Roadpro.

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