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This Mutant Virus

Evil smile

Evil smile

Assumes myriad forms
Is everywhere around us
In manner both brazen and clandestine
Deadly is this mutant virus

Permeates the national ethos
Erodes the fabric of trust
Spreads its kind deep and wide
Uncanny is this mutant virus

Black is its colour
It paints a dark picture of lust
Leaves a dark trail easy to follow
Laughs at the honest, this mutant virus

Destroys the value of money
Cripples systems without fuss
Cripples but does not kill
It needs a body to live in: this mutant virus

Raises public angst
Whose blood feeds this cuss
Makes them feel angry but helpless
Not much loved is this mutant virus

A two-faced public
They are the fastest to clamber onto its bus
Only crying when unable to do so
Feeds on public hypocrisy: this mutant virus

Finds enough followers thanks to the profit motive
Infects not the body but the mind first
Removing the virus is not easy
“Cleanse the mind first”: mocks this mutant virus

It is right though
And the coup de grâce it delivers thus
“Immoral, destructive but highly profitable
I’m just the villain’s sidekick”, smiles this mutant virus

Penned down on 21st September 2011